Why Do Guinea Pigs Chut and Squeak Quietly?

Chutting or quiet squeaking is something guinea pigs do when they are happy and content in life.

Chutting is their way of talking and expressing their happiness or excitement about something.

There are many situations where you may hear your guinea pig chutting away to themselves, or to you.

Guinea pigs are curious animals, and they often chut when they are exploring or when they pick up an exciting new smell.

What is Chutting?

Chutting is referred to as a series of small squeaks that guinea pigs make, often while exploring. It is a soft, quiet noise that guinea pigs make when they are happy and content.

Chutting is not a sound that guinea pigs usually make to communicate with others. Typically, they just chut away to themselves happily as they walk around or sniff things.

You can hear little squeaks and chutting noises in the video below. This piggy is quite happy and relaxed hanging out on her person’s lap. ❤️

What Does it Mean When a Guinea Pig Makes a Chutting Noise?

Chutting is a happy noise that indicates your guinea pig is feeling content and comfortable in the moment. There are a few different situations where you may hear your guinea pig chutting away softly to themselves.

Guinea Pigs Like to Chut While Exploring

You will often hear guinea pigs chutting away or squeaking softly while they are exploring, commonly during floor time.

They will wander around with their nose to the ground, sometimes running or popcorning in between.

Guinea pigs often make a happy chutting noise while they’re following another guinea pig around and exploring with their best buddy.

Chutting is also a common noise you’ll hear when you first put your guinea pig back in a freshly cleaned cage. Guinea pigs love fresh blankets and bedding, and will often chut and squeak quietly while re-exploring their clean cage.

Guinea pigs love to explore and hang out with their best buddies.

Guinea Pigs May Chut When Interacting With Their Favorite People

Handfeeding treats is a great way to build a trusting relationship with your guinea pig.

You may also hear your guinea pig chutting when you’re interacting with them or petting them if they really enjoy the time with you.

This series of small squeaks indicates that your guinea pig is relaxed and happy around you. It’s one of the many ways that guinea pigs express their contentment.

Guinea Pigs Often Chut While Sniffing an Interesting Scent

Another time you may hear your guinea pigs chutting is when they smell something they like.

For example, guinea pigs love sniffing another guinea pig’s bed, blankets, or fleece hidey house. They may start sniffing the new item intently while chutting away. This is also sometimes accompanied by some purring or popcorning.

This excited sniffing is most common with boys, especially if they smell girls on something.

One time I came home after holding some female guinea pigs at an animal shelter, and my little guy at home noticed immediately. He was climbing up on my lap, sniffing intensely and chutting away happily when he picked up the scent of the girls.

Guinea pigs love piles of blankets and may chut happily while burrowing through them.

In Summary

Chutting is one of many noises you may hear your guinea pig make when they are happy! Guinea pigs express their emotions through a range of different sounds as well as through their body language.

Guinea pigs communicate in so many unique ways including squeaking, whining, rumbling, and even chirping like a bird!

To learn more about the ways your guinea pig is trying to communicate with you, check out our Guinea Pig Behavior page.

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