Ally and I out on the kayak enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Hi, and welcome to Precisely Pets! My name is Jenna, and I’m the main writer and editor of this site. I’m currently owned by 13 guinea pigs (yes, 13!), 2 rabbits, a fun-loving border collie, a Fischer’s lovebird, and several fish. I’ve also had rats, mice, hamsters, and cats in the past, as well as fostered animals and volunteered at shelters.

My primary goal is to educate people on all aspects of animal care, behavior, and training. I have a love for training, enrichment, and developing the human-animal bond. Helping people achieve a stronger relationship with their pets and understand them on a deeper level has always been my greatest passion.

I hope to share that with all of you through this site! Thanks for taking the time to visit, and enjoy your time browsing through the content here on Precisely Pets!

Keep scrolling to meet some of my furry sidekicks! You may recognize them in photos throughout the articles here. They are always happy to do some modeling for me to help illustrate the site (with plenty of treat compensation, of course!)

Guinea Pigs

TJ (RIP – Sept. 2022)

This sweet boy is 6 years old, and he is quite the character! He was adopted from a local humane society at 1 year old.

He’s a little escape artist, and he’s always being nosy and getting into something (just in case there’s food in there, you know?) He’s naturally a little clown that makes anyone smile without even trying.

He’s also very calm, nonchalant, and not phased by anything. He brings a very calming presence to other guinea pigs. This ability helped immensely when I brought home his girlfriend, a spayed albino girl named Willow.

Willow had been a lab guinea pig for the first year of her life, so naturally, she was pretty timid. TJ wasted no time making friends and showing her how to live her best piggy life, such as lounging on fluffy beds and squealing at the human when she’s too slow with the veggies.

Update: TJ passed in September 2022 from a tooth root abscess. I will miss this sweet boy immensely, he was the best boy and brought so much confidence to all the new piggies that interacted with him. RIP my sweet little potato. 🧡


Willow is a 3 year old spayed girl. As mentioned above, she was born a lab guinea pig and was then retired and put up for adoption after a year.

Despite her tough start, she has quite a big personality, and she’s gained a ton of confidence. She is a queen, and she makes sure TJ knows it!

She’s a huge foodie, and she has come to really love people too. She’ll jump up on my lap excitedly for treats and gentle strokes.

TJ has also taught her to push down fences and squeeze through small spaces, so she is well on her way to becoming a little troublemaker! She is such a sweet soul, though, and I’m happy she has her forever home with me and the rest of the piggies.


Peach is a sweet 4 year old fluffball. She’s likely a cross between a Peruvian and an Abyssinian. Peach is a big guinea pig, but she’s a total sweetheart. She loves petting and will close her eyes and purr when you stroke her head and neck.

Peach is a total diva too. She’s not big on running around, and she only likes the greenest parts of her lettuce. She also loves sprawling out on her bed like a little pancake.

She is also a huge foodie, as long as the menu is prepared to her liking, of course!

Daisy (RIP – Oct. 2022)

Daisy is a 5 year old girl adopted from a family that could no longer care for her.

Daisy is such an easygoing, sweet pig. She is unphased by everything and loves everyone she meets. She is very patient and loves modeling for photos.

She’s also the biggest foodie ever and will eat nearly anything. If it’s edible (or not), Daisy will try to eat it! She’s a chunky monkey, but she still loves to run around and explore at every opportunity.

Update: I lost my sweet Daisy very suddenly and unexpectedly in October 2022. She was one of the friendliest and sweetest guinea pigs I’ve ever known. Peach and I will miss her so so much. 💜


Poppy is a mischievous 4 year old Abyssinian piggy. She is always curious and quick to learn new things. A little bossy, but she is such a fun little character!

Poppy is constantly running over and interested in anything I’m doing. She loves to be in the center of everything. She also LOVES her lettuce and will do anything for a nibble of her favorite veggies.

Poppy was adopted from a family when she was about 1.5 years old. She is now bonded with her new friend Pansy and living her best life!


Pansy is 1.5 years old, and she was adopted at about 2 months old from someone who was allergic to her.

Pansy is a super fluffy and adorable mixed-breed piggy. Her hair is wild and adorable; it’s the cutest thing.

On the contrary, her personality is super sweet and easygoing. Her favorite thing to do is lounge in her cozy unicorn bed (spoiled piggy!)

She also loves her food, as long as it’s something she likes. Like Peach, she only likes the greenest parts of the lettuce. Healthy foods like sweet bell peppers are tolerated but not overly appreciated.


Skylar is a 2 year old crazy, happy piggy who is full of energy! She loves food, saying hi to people (aka seeking more food!), running, and jumping.

She is so smart and curious, and because of this, she’s always getting into mischief! Despite her naughty tendencies, she’s such a sweetheart who loves to jump on your lap and socialize. She is full of confidence and loves life to the max.


Skittles is a little over a year old. She is the daughter of Skylar, and she is absolutely full of beans! Like her mom, she is energetic, adventurous, and a tiny bit of a troublemaker.

She loves exploring every nook and cranny she can get into. She also loves socializing with people, and she absolutely lives for her food! Skittles is always so curious, and she loves to be involved in everything.

She has also become a little escape artist, learning to push fences and squeeze through little corners. Her favorite things to do (besides eating!) are running, popcorning, and exploring as much as she can.


Pixie is a sweet and curious tri-color Abyssinian. She was rescued from a breeding mill at just over a year old. She is still learning to trust people and settle into her new life, but she’s off to a great start!

She loves nibbling on treats of all kinds, and she’s showing signs of being quite an adventurous little pig once she comes out of her shell completely. Pixie is such a curious and smart girl; she loves to run around the room and explore.


Piper is the daughter of Pixie, and she is also a curious young piggy. She’s still nervous about some things as she’s still a baby, but she is quite keen to learn about the world.

She loves her food, and she’s mastered the art of stealing veggies and dragging them back to her hidey houses. She also absolutely loves free roam time, where she gets to run zoomies and explore.


Loki is a young tri-colored Abyssinian piggy with tons of personality! He is bold, outgoing, and loves to follow people around in search of lettuce. He’s a fearless little furball and incredibly curious.

Loki loves to be the center of attention and he thrives on finding new ways to get into mischief.

He also loves to purr at all the other guinea pigs and strut around showing off. This little guy is bonded with Willow, my spayed girl, who does her best to keep her new sassy little brother in line. 😂


Ciara’s first Christmas.

Ciara (CiCi) is a young sweet girl who I adopted from a local animal shelter when she was a couple of months old. She was abandoned in a cage on the side of the road with a dozen other guinea pigs.

Unfortunately she was also pregnant at a young age when I brought her home. She gave birth to a single girl named Clover and she and her daughter are now inseparable.

Ciara is growing up to be a lovely girl and so sweet despite her past experiences. She loves to model in photos and often runs over to me and climbs up on my leg for treats.


Baby Clover at 24 hours old.

Clover is Ciara’s daughter and she was born in December 2022. Clover is an adventurous and sweet girl. She loves to stand up on her cage to greet me and she absolutely LOVES her food! She also loves to follow Ciara around and greet all the other piggies through the cages.

Clover loves to explore and she’s always up to something. She’s a little social bug and loves to jump up on my lap for treats and praise.


Cheese was mis-sexed as a girl and bonded to Ciara when I adopted them. He was also part of the rescue group that was abandoned outside in carriers.

I discovered he was a boy shortly after adopting them, but fell in love and decided to build him his own cage and keep him.

Cheese is full of energy and super outgoing. He is food-obsessed and always runs to the side of the cage to beg for treats as soon as I walk into the room.

He is also the most energetic popcorning guinea pig I’ve ever met in my life. He jumps and pops like crazy, such a happy boy. He LOVES the girls and can reliably be found rumble strutting and flirting with them through the cage.


Rocket is a black and white Abyssinian guinea pig, born in January 2023. Rocket is active, fast, and quite an agile little athlete.

He is sassy and outgoing already, and I can just tell he’s going to have a big personality when he grows up. Rocket is also smart as a whip and loves to explore. He’s very nosy and curious, always finding new things to get into.

Other Animals


Jigsaw is a lovely and sweet girl. She is a grey and white mini rex rabbit, about 4 years old. I got her from a farm along with her sister Jinx.

Jigsaw is a very affectionate bunny; she loves to groom her sister and be groomed. She is very curious and a quick learner. She can be timid at first, but she’s very social once she’s comfortable with someone.

She always greets me when I walk into the room and puts her paws up on my lap. She’s also a big foodie and gets super excited about her veggies and treats.


Jinx is Jigsaw’s full sister, and she is also a very sweet girl. She’s a curious bunny and loves to be involved in anything I’m doing. She likes her treats, but she’s not nearly as food obsessed as her sister.

She’s very active and also absolutely loves jumping into the garbage bag while I’m cleaning (no, mom, don’t throw out the old hay!)


Ally is a 3 year old water-loving border collie who loves kayaking, hiking, camping, swimming, and agility. She is a big cuddle bug and lives for pets and belly rubs. She also loves to give hugs.

Water is her favorite thing in the world; she loves to chase the hose and jump into the river for a swim. Ally is also a huge velcro dog, always at my side. She loves her human family members intensely, and she’s always up for an adventure.


Tao is a super handsome and chatty 2 year old male Fischer’s lovebird. This little guy is a big parrot in a small body!

He is very social and always comes over to greet people and chirp up a storm. He’s super active and always a lot of fun to have around.

He also loves to hang from his toys and run through newspaper tunnels. He LOVES his millet, but climbing on shoulders is by far his favorite pastime.